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    Electrocoating:   Electrocoating is the process by which a metal object is subjected to a positive charge while submerged in a solution of deionized water and negatively charged paint ions. The charge differential causes the negative paint ions to bond to the postively charged metallic surface. To learn more about our machines, visit the Monorail or the Large Scissor.

    Texturing:   Texturing is a wet spray that is applied to our electrocoated parts to achieve a fine, medium, or a heavy textured finish. It can also be useful to hide metal substrate defects or hardware inserts.

    Powder Coating:   Powder coating is an advanced yet simple way of applying a very fine, dry plastic powder paint onto a metal surface. As the powder coat cloud gently leaves the front of the spray gun, it is charged with static electricity. The charge attracts the powder paint to the part that requires coating. The part is then placed in an oven, and baked accordingly. While in the oven, the powder paint melts into a durable finish. Powder coating offers an array of colors and smooth, textured, or wrinkled finishes.

    Masking:   L & J is capable of masking any area of a part that is not intended to be painted. An assortment of tapes, masking dots, pull plugs, screws, and silicone caps can be used in the masking operation, whether it be for grounding purposes or to aviod any paint on threaded areas.

    Screen Printing:   L & J Screen Printers Inc. is responsible for screen printing a variety of detailed graphic designs with close tolerances on to any metal substrate, painted, plated, or textured as well as many other substrates such as plastic or glass.
Electrocoated parts, dry and coming off the monorail in our Worcester plant.
Finished parts make their way off the Monorail.

Our second Powder coat booth at our Worcester plant   Texture paint process added to electrocoated parts after they are finished
Powder coat Booth.         Sample medium texture.

One of four semi-automatic screen printing machines
One of four semi-auto screening machines.

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