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  L & J Screen Printers, Inc. is responsible for screen printing logos, numbers, designs and/or instructions onto any metal substrate, painted, plated or textured.

  The artwork is made from the original blueprint or can be created using Adobe's Illustrator, and from that, a screen is made. Colored ink is squeeged through the screens applying the artwork to the metal part, then baked in a walk-in oven to dry. The parts are then carefully packed and shipped.

  L & J Screen Printers uses four semi automatic machines for screen printing average to large screening projects, as well as custom hand done screen printing for uniquely shaped and sized parts.

One of two colors on two color screen print logo on a footswitch
Sample: Two color for ArthroCare ™.

Second step in screen print logo process – baking in a walk-in oven to dry
Parts are then baked in walk-in ovens. Hand screen print for smaller parts
Shirley hand screens for parts that don't fit our semi-automatic screening machines.

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