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    What is Powder Coating?

  Powder Coating is an advanced yet simple way of spraying a very fine, dry plastic powder paint onto a metal surface. As the powder paint cloud gently leaves the front of the spray gun, it is charged with static electricity. The charge attracts the powder paint to the part that requires coating. The part is then placed in an oven and baked. While in the oven, the powder paint melts into a durable finish.
  L & J operates two powder coating booths that offer an array of colors and smooth, textured or wrinkled finishes.
  All parts are pretreated to ensure the best surface for powder application.

Booth dimensions: 10'w X 8'h X 10'd and 8'w X 7'h X 6'd.

    Powder coat is available in a number of formulations, such as, epoxy, urethane, polyester, or hybrid. The correct powder depends upon what physical properties you desire for the finished product, such as, chemical resistance, corrosion protection, ultraviolet sensitivity, or flexiblity.
Powder coating parts for the manufacturing industry
ConMed ™ footswitch being powder coated.

Powder coated metal parts for the manufacturing industry – cooling down after baking
Parts cool down after being baked, then are sent to packaging.

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