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    L & J's Monorail System
  The key to the Monorail is variety. The Monorail system can handle diversity in part size (up to 25-cubic-feet), shape and substrate. Results from the Monorail are simple, even paint coverage, including, sharp edges and recessed areas. In this system only high pressure sprays are used in the pre- and post- treatment stages. Unlike the Large Scissor, the conveyor moves continuously.

  • The Monorail's paint tank contains a semi-gloss black paint.
  • Click to view a large part used on the Monorail.

  •   Step by step process of the Monorail.

    1) Multi-metal spray washer (1300 gallons) heated to 160 degrees F to remove oils and grit.
    2) A tap-water spray rinse removes cleaning chemicals and residual loose material.
    3) An iron-phosphate spray rinse (1120 gallons) heated to 140 degrees F prepares for better paint adhesion.
    4) A 2nd tap-water spray rinse.
    5) A 3rd tap-water spray rinse.
    6) A recirculating deionized-water spray rinse removes residual chemicals.
    7) Fresh deionized-water spray rinse.
    8) A 30-foot-long anodic acrylic electrocoating tank (6300 gallons). (The metal part emerges with a paint coating that is outstanding in appearance and of uniform thickness.)
    9) Four-stage, 35-foot-long post rinse spray guarantees a drip-free coating.
    10) The part then travels to the rooftop and through a 47-foot-long natural gas oven heated to 350-400 degrees F. Curing insures the durability and hardness.
    11) In the unloading area, the electrocoated metal part becomes ready for texturing, powder coating, screen printing, or final packaging.
      Monorail system for even paint coverage, including sharp edges and recessed areas
    Parts travel the Monorail's 610' track.

    The conveyor moves continuously, ensuring even paint coverage and drying.
    After an hour and twenty minutes the parts are ready to be packed.

    Painted, dry metal parts are being wrapped and readied for shipping.
    Unloaders carefully wrap parts in plastic then are brought to the shipping dept.

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