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The Large Scissor

    The Large Scissor mainly handles small parts with simple to complex shapes. The system works on a dip tank process for cleaning, pretreating, and painting. The Large Scissor got its name from the way the tanks are raised up to the parts by a hydraulic scissor lift. The diversity in racking capablities enables L & J to paint the maximum number of parts per station. On the Large Scissor, parts go from unfinished to finished product in one hour. Like the Monorail, even paint coverage, on flat surfaces, sharp edges and recessed areas is our standard.

  Step by step process of the Large Scissor.

1) A double stage cleaning station heated to 150 degrees F to remove oils and grit.
2) A tap-water dip rinse station removes cleaning chemicals and residual loose material.
3) An iron-phosphate dip station heated to 120 degrees F prepares for better paint adhesion.
4) A tap-water dip rinse station.
5) A deionized dip rinse station.
6) An anodic acrylic electrocoating tank (250 gallons)
7) A dip post rinse station.
8) A spray post rinse station
9) A 30' long oven heated to 350 degrees F.
10) Racks are unloaded to packing station.

Large scissor handles small parts with complex shapes for perfect overall coating of metal surfaces.
Parts painted on the Scissor are packed tightly and shipped.

Before and After
Before and after (mouse-over image).

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