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Where it all began

  L & J of New England, Inc. was founded in 1969 by Robert LaVigne & Arvid Johnson, Jr. with five employees and 5000-sq-ft of rented space in Boylston, MA and no customers.
L & Js Sales Representative, David Leith, began marketing to the computer industry to electrocoat small computer parts with a durable and very uniform paint coating. It wasnt long before camera makers and other manufacturers, with small parts to be painted, saw the advantages of this uniform, economical electrocoat finish, and L & J became firmly established as a custom coater. In the mid 1970s David Leith bought the business from Robert and Arvid.

  With David at the helm and with assistance from his wife Barbara, the company opened a separate screen printing business in 1980 to screen logos and instructions on the parts.
L & J Screen Printers, Inc. was created to complement the electrocoating business by providing precision screen printing and marking.

  During the 1980s L & J grew by treating customers honestly, by maintaining high quality electrocoating and printing, and by providing fast delivery at a fair price. L & J also expanded its manufacturing capabilities by moving to Worcester to occupy a 30,000-square-foot building, which is our present location. At the time of our move to Worcester, we added texturing to our electrocoat finish. To continue offering value added services, L & J began powder coating in 1999 to increase color selections and finishes. It was during this decade that Duncan Leith, Donald Leith, and Gretchen Leith Prunier, David and Barbara Leiths children, took over the management and operation of the business.

  Now, L & J, with its 40 employees, are primed for an optimistic entry into the twenty-first century. We have carved out a niche in the market place for custom coating services. By specializing in electrocoating and powder coating, we have developed the expertise and the production facilities to meet the needs of many different industries. L & J has expanded its pick-up and delivery routes to include all of New England.

  A visit to L & J's plant in Worcester, Massachusetts allows the customer to see samples masked, electrocoated, powder coated, textured finishes and/or screen printed finishes.

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