L&J of New England – Electrocoating, Powder Coating, Masking, Screen Printing - for all your coating and marking needs - Worcester, MA
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Tour the Plant

L & J of New England Inc. (Sagamore Road)

Friendly staff assists you with your calls.

One of L & J's trucks at the loading dock.

Incoming parts wait in the receiving area.

Outgoing parts are carefully packaged for a safe trip.

One of L & J's Powder Coating booths.

Oven for Powder Coating.

L & J's spray booth, responsible for texture finish.

Parts waiting to be pre-treated on the Large Scissor.

Large Scissor with hydraulic lift up and down.

The Monorail without parts.

Before parts are painted, inside is a 7 step pre-cleaning process.

The Monorail paint tank holds 6300 gallons of black electrocoat paint.

Shirley hand screening at L & J Screen Printers.

Walk-in oven for L & J Screen Printers.

Metal Finishing – Powder Coating • Electrocoating • Printing & Marking

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