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    What is Electrocoating?

  Electrocoating is the process by which a metal object is subjected to a positive charge while submerged in a solution of deionized water and negatively charged paint ions. The charge differential causes the negative paint ions to bond to the postively charged metallic surface.

    Electrocoating at L & J

  L & J operates two different electrocoating lines for small, medium, and large parts. The paint applied to the parts is an anodic acrylic water based paint.

  • The 250 gallon system, coined as the Large Scissor, uses a cross bar conveyor and hydraulic lift method.
  • The 6300 gallon system, coined the Monorail, uses a continuously moving conveyor method.

  • Visit the Large Scissor!    See what the Scissor can handle, check out our array of racks to specially hang your part. Also see some sample parts.

  • Visit the Monorail!    Take a look at sample parts, learn how your part is painted in its 10 step process.

         Advantages of Electrocoating
    Provides even paint coverage to diverse parts from shape to size, sharp edges and recessed areas.
    Can be used with any conductive substrate; stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, brass, beryllium and many more.
    Creates strong barrier against rust, wear & tear and natural outdoor elements. The electrocoat can be used alone for a finished product or can be used as a base to either a textured or powder coated finish.

    Electrocoating metal parts for the manufacturing industry – loading area for the monorail system
    Loading area for the Monorail.

    Electrocoating metal parts for the manufacturing industry – Vangy rack used on the scissor can accommodate various sized parts for painting
    The Vangy rack used on the Scissor, can be modified to accomodate different parts.

    Electrocoated metal parts for the manufacturing industry

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